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Butane lighters can be tricky to operate properly. Lighter mechanics and the challenges of dealing with pressurized gas require a little extra care and attention. The most important part of maintaining a reliable butane lighter is to fill it properly and keep the flame head (or burner) clean. 

First, adjust the flame dial to the lowest possible setting. 

The next and most important step to properly refilling a butane lighter is to PURGE it. Purging gets rid of excess oxygen which remains in the gas tank. All refillable butane lighters have a valve on the bottom that works like a tire valve. Before refilling the lighter, you must push the "tire" like valve IN to purge/evacuate the excess gas and oxygen. The excess oxygen and residual gas left inside will seep out and make a "hissing" sound. By using a match stick or small screwdriver, you can repeatedly push the valve in until you cannot hear any more air escaping. PURGING will empty the lighter's reservoir tank and ensure a clean and undiluted refill. 

To FILL your lighter with butane, first turn the lighter and butane upside down. Then gently mate the butane can with the lighter valve. Push the butane can down for approximately fifteen seconds or until the lighter will not accept any more gas.


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